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I'm a writer living in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was raised in rural Maryland, just north of Baltimore City.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Sunny's Nonfiction

     Nonfiction is my home. The pseudonym Sunny Lancaster only writes true stories, whether they be in poetry or prose form. The one exception to this was when I accidentally submitted my story, Night Hike, to Short Edition under the fiction category. After the submission went live, I changed some details so it could be technically be considered a fictional work, though most of it remains to be completely true.

    The second time I submitted to Short Edition, my story America the Green, I used the correct category. Read my submissions to Short Edition with links here. America the Green won the 2020 judges pick. It was a huge honor to be selected and added to their vending machine library of free stories.

    When I write under S. Lancaster, you will know the accounts within the stories are as true as I can make them. I try to record, to the best to my ability, the moments and feelings experienced. 

Also, if you're reading me, I'm probably trying to make you laugh. 

    That being said, for a bucket full of belly laughs, a snifter of chuckles, or possibly a small, delighted snort, please check out my nonfiction story links under pages to the left.

    Here are three stories you can choose from right here: 

     Ploppe Vum Zwergpinscher

     Turtle Girl 

     Toaster Toothbrush

    As always, I appreciate you checking out my online portfolio. For any inquiries regarding collaboration or multi-author projects, please contact me at: SunnyLancasterPoetry@gmail.com.

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               My biggest inspiration for writing is David Sedaris. I listened to his 2004 essay collection: “Dress Your Family in Corduroy ...