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I'm a writer living in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was raised in rural Maryland, just north of Baltimore City.

Here you'll find short stories, sample articles, and publication links.

I'm also found on: Pexels, a free stock photo sharing site, Redbubble, an indie artist hub, and YouTube, the largest internet video sharing website.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Sample Article and Videos

 Hello and thank you again for visiting my online portfolio.

At this time, two pages have been added to the left navigation bar. 


On one page is a small sample of the videos I've created since starting YouTube. I couldn't really decide how to make my channel best suit the audiences, so I experimented with a wide variety of video styles and content. I'm grateful for this exploration, as each video taught me something different about communicating through video.

The other page is a sample article from another project I worked on for a short time. I wrote a few different pieces for the HenriTales group, before moving on to work with others in more interesting and fulfilling projects. I'm always willing to work with people, as even the smallest interactions can teach us about how members of communities contribute and create together. 

About Me

               My biggest inspiration for writing is David Sedaris. I listened to his 2004 essay collection: “Dress Your Family in Corduroy ...