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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Oh yeah, I have books

It was my childhood, teen, and early 20's dream to become a published poet. For years, I submitted to the Boa Editions LTD annual chapbook competition, but my loose style with grumpy, angst-ridden themes wasn't for them. 

Luckily for me, we've catapulted into the 21st century and everyone becomes their own publisher, whether it be writing, art, or music. 

And since focus has never been my strong suit, I publish online art, writing, and now music. The first song I've helped co-write is nearly a completed demo, and we aren't stopping at simply one. In addition to the music we write, my volunteer hours are spent creating playlists and shows on RadioStPete.com, and sometimes helping out live on my favorite show, Florida Folk Show with Pete Gallagher.

With my silly schedule, being a woman who's busy as heck, a full-time job on top of all: my writing, my bubbly nonsensical commercial art, and music-related projects, it completely slipped my mind that I released two poetry collections... sometime within the 21st Century. 

Find my latest collection of poetry, The Yelling, here

 "The Yelling" on Amazon


Or find my original poetry chapbook, The New Millionaires of Titusville, here


"The New Millionaires of Titusville" on Amazon

I mean, they're pretty okay. I went to school for English, creative writing, and psychology; I've continued to work on writing, despite my ego's protests. 



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